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Sunday School offers a wide variety of classes designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply it’s timeless truths to life and culture. Most classes last 6 weeks and will range from the study of Scripture to Christian biography, doctrines, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and many other options.

Also explore our core curriculum, Sunday School Matters.

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Class Descriptions

Parenting for the Glory of God

Much parenting advice comes in the form of the latest methodology or psychological survey. While some of these tools can be immensely helpful, it can sometimes leave parents in a whirlwind of confusion when trying to establish patterns and practices in parenting; and that’s before you factor in your own upbringing and the things you learned from your own parents. This class will help you discover the biblical principles that govern Christian parenting from birth through college, including character building, authority and discipline, and building a strong moral compass.

Taught by Adam Bishop in Room 102/103

6 weeks

Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Track

A verse by verse look at Paul’s letter to Titus, this class instructs women in how to live as a part of the church. From leadership, to discipleship, to life in the public square, Titus is a treasure for learning to live in godliness. Women will also enjoy the dynamic instruction of Tanya York, who makes any learning experience, fun and memorable.

Taught by Tanya York in Room 101

6 weeks

Prayer Matters

R.A. Torrey began his little book, The Power of Prayer with these words: “Why is it…that I make such poor progress in my Christian life? Why do I have so little victory over sin? Why do I win so few souls to Christ? Why do I grow so slowly into the likeness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?” And God answers…Neglect of prayer. You have not, because you ask not.” Maybe these are the kinds of questions you ask yourself. This class will give you a biblical foundation for the practice of prayer. It is no exaggeration to say that this single class that could change your life forever.

Taught by Johnny Collett in Room 100

6 weeks

The Story of the Old Testament Part 2

The Bible isn’t a random collection of stories. It is the one story of redemption in Jesus Christ. Join Dr. York through a survey of the prophets and how they point us to Jesus Christ as the only hope for salvation.

Taught by Hershael York in the Sanctuary

6 weeks

Discover Buck Run

This class serves as an introduction and orientation to Buck Run Baptist Church. Plug in to ministry and community by learning about our mission, vision, values, and expectations of membership.

Taught by Pastoral Staff in the Rehearsal Hall

3 weeks

Legacy Classes

Legacy classes meet every week and study through books of the Bible using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Enjoy warm fellowship, sound teaching, and delightful community in one of two classes.

Taught by David Clinkenbeard in Room 105

Taught by Robert Farley in Room 107

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