Advent is a season where we remember the incarnation of Jesus and look forward to his eventual return. The four gospel narratives of the Bible describe Jesus and his coming in a number of ways. This advent season, Buck Run is going to explore these descriptions together and grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and what makes his birth so important.

Pastors and members of our church have written nine devotions for the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Each devotion is accompanied by reflection questions and a song from our Advent Playlist. We have also produced a Parent’s Guide for each devotion that includes discussion questions for kids and students, along with weekly video lessons on our Virtual Sunday School Playlist.

We would encourage you to set aside a specific time, three days each week to sit down with everyone in your household. Read the Scripture passages and the devotion, consider the reflection questions, and sing the songs. Whether you are single, married, or have children in your home, we hope these devotions equip you to worship Jesus this Christmas season.

Download Advent Devotions

Advent Worship Playlist