Buck Run offers a wide variety of classes designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply its timeless truths to life and culture. Most classes last 6 weeks and will range from the study of Scripture to Christian biography, doctrines, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and many other options. Classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:15 am.


6 Christians Everyone Should Know: Women of the Church (Women’s Class)

This class will give brief biographies of Christian women throughout history. This will include women from the early church, women of the Reformation, mothers of great Christian men, missionaries, etc. with the hope of encouraging the women of Buck Run by showing them a variety of ways women have served the Lord throughout history.

Taught by Chrissy Moore, Room 100

Singleness & Dating

This class offers a biblical, God-honoring look at singleness and dating in the current culture. How should we view singleness in light of the Gospel? How can we honor Christ in all our life? We’ll answer those questions and more.

Taught by JP McCammon, Room 101

To the End

Christian love demands that we spread the gospel to our neighbor and to the ends of the earth. This class makes clear the mission of the church.

Taught by Chris Parrish, Room 102

No Stone Unturned: Titus

In this class, participants will explore what the book of Titus says about living a godly life. We will explore how faith is essential for believers. In addition, we will examine the significance of devoting ourselves to Biblical teaching and good work.

Taught by Kevin Jones, Room 103

Old Testament Overview: The Minor Prophets Part 1

This class is an overview of the Minor Prophets. Come see the big-picture view of what God was doing in the Old Testament through these prophets and how He still intends to speak to us today.

Taught by Dr. Hershael York, Sanctuary

Discover Buck Run

This class offers an introduction to Buck Run and its mission, vision, and expectations for members. Launch yourself into ministry and get plugged in.

Taught by Matt Morvay, Rehearsal Hall

Legacy Classes

Our ongoing legacy classes meet every week and study through books of the Bible using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Enjoy warm fellowship, sound teaching, and delightful community in one of our two legacy classes.

Taught by Robert Farley, Room 107

Taught by Dave Parks, Room 105