The work of becoming a Christian is never done. Once a person places their faith in Jesus Christ, they begin a lifelong process of becoming more like Him. The work of the church in this process is all about discipleship. Buck Run disciples men and women through regular Bible study and intentional relationships. Find a place below to connect with Buck Run in a deeper way.

Sunday School

Buck Run’s Sunday School is a core expectation for our members. Equipping Christians for the work of ministry is a key responsibility of the local church. Our Sunday School is designed to educate and equip through a diverse curriculum covering a wide range of topics, skills, and Bible study. Most classes meet for a duration of six weeks and utilize some of Buck Run’s strongest teachers. Classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:15am.

Read class descriptions and register for classes here.

Community Groups

One of Buck Run’s core expectations, Community Groups are an informal place to facilitate ministry and fellowship. Community is vital to godliness, joy, and spiritual growth. Community Groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. For more information, follow the link above or contact us.