The Student Intern will support the staff with all aspects of the church’s ministry to 6th-12th graders. The intern’s focus will primarily be on Student Ministry but will have some responsibility in other areas of the church. 1 hour each week will be devoted to intentional ministry training.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Equipping and encouraging adult volunteers.

2. Leading a weekly discipleship group made up of 3-4 students.

3. Preach twice a month at the student worship service.

4. Assist the Student Pastor in casting and implementing the vision of the Student Ministry.

5. Assist in planning all Student Ministry events including Fall Retreat, Disciple Now, summer camps, international mission trip.


Maturing follower of Christ
Desire to work with students
Willing to take a background check
Able to drive to Frankfort on Sundays and Wednesday nights (50 min. drive)

Salary Level

3 SBTS classes paid a semester (or equivalent) and a $400 monthly stipend.


1 year (can reapply for 2nd year)

Approximate Hours Per Week

20 (some hours can be worked from home)
How to Apply
Email resume to Scott Riessen at