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Regardless of our financial status, we can all joyfully engage in giving radically to God. This level of giving will mean different things to our members, and we can discover amazing ways to fulfill our commitment. In addition to making contributions from regular income and investments, we may also identify a number of hidden resources, as we:

  • Release Treasures: Coins, jewelry, antiques, collectibles or other goodies that are no longer needed or meaningful
  • Postpone Expenditures: Purchases that can be postponed like a new car or furniture or a remodeling project
  • Eliminate Excess: Nice to-dos like “designer shoes,” sweets or cigarettes can be eliminated and can even improve health in the process
  • Delay Dreams: Activities on “Bucket List” can be rescheduled for a later date—a vacation, workshop or elective procedure
  • Welcome Windfalls: Unexpected cash, bonuses or inheritance
  • Convert Time to Cash: Additional income from a part-time job or consultation from spare time and energy
  • Convert Talent to Cash: Marketing and selling skills and create expressions like jewelry, crafts, photographs, needle work, poetry, and other art forms
  • Reallocate Assets: Stocks, bonds, real estate or other securities that can be converted to cash to avoid capital gain taxes and receive charitable deduction; before making a commitment of this type, you are encouraged to consult your CPA, tax attorney or financial advisor. Contact Cara Hutcherson for more information.

How exciting it is to discover less obvious sources of funds! How thrilling to give in such amazing ways and reap unexpected benefits in the process.

The question is HOW WILL YOU BE GIVING back to God?