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 From its founding, Buck Run Baptist Church has had one purpose – glorifying the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Our members extend the kingdom of God to distant lands by serving both short and long term on the mission field. We travel to hurting people in this country. We serve our neighbors in need. In the past two years, over 200 Buck-Runners went on short-term mission trips, many on multiple trips.

So, why do we need to MOVE? The answer is simple. We want to reach more people in Frankfort, but we don’t have room for them. As much as Buck Run loves God and loves people, we can’t reach our growth potential in our present location. Our idyllic surroundings at the Forks of the Elkhorn have reached their full capacity. Despite our many attempts to overcome the limitations of our setting, our membership numbers have remained steady. In our 2012-2013 church year, we baptized 33 new believers and had over 80 people join our fellowship. Yet our weekly attendance remains essentially unchanged.

Rehoboth, the property we purchased, has all the room we need for the foreseeable future. We have already begun the move there. With this capital campaign we can see fulfilled the dream of many years of planning. As that dream is lived, we will be able to introduce more of our friends and neighbors to the Author of life.

God has allowed us the great privilege of carrying out the Great Commission. With our MOVE, we will have the room to reach and teach many new disciples of Jesus Christ, to prepare them to join us on mission for God both far and near, to live out Buck Run’s one purpose. It is time – let’s MOVE.


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