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This Is All About Jesus!

What else can we do? Our Lord and Savior died on a tree, was buried in a tomb and He still lives! Jesus dropped the charges and broke the bonds of a death we all deserve. Because of what Christ has done on our behalf, each day of our lives should be marked by undying commitment and gratitude. That is why Buck Run passionately strives to demonstrate 3 core values:

Proclaim MORE

We have to tell people about this good news. Right now Frankfort is hurting and they need to know. Right now our country is losing its way. We live in a world in full spiritual warfare and they need to know. They need to know this is all about Jesus! Thus, “Glorifying God by proclaiming Jesus Christ” is the bedrock statement of our church. As we proclaim the Gospel, Jesus brings people out of sin and shame into life and forgiveness. We are on the MOVE. At Rehoboth, we will have a larger platform to proclaim the full counsel of God’s Word so that more people can be reached with the Gospel.

Disciple MORE

Since God created us as His image bearers, the greatest satisfaction in life comes from a growing, thriving relationship with our Creator. But it’s not easy. Because of sin, it gets messy. Jesus invested in 12 men who would later turn the world upside down, and He calls us to follow his example. We aren’t here to rest and the MOVE campaign isn’t a plan for stadium seating and better sound systems. We are moving because we need to equip and train God’s people. Jesus has won the war but we have battles to fight. Buck Run is a supply line for spiritual warfare and we must grow it because Jesus commanded it!

Serve MORE

Faithful service is a mark of Christian maturity and growth. We all have gifts that are to be used for the building up of Christ’s church. We can’t just bury those gifts, for God has called us to use them. At Buck Run, we see invaluable worth in every gift-endowed believer who makes up our church family. At the core of a Christian’s purpose for living is the need to glorify God through his or her service. Our MOVE to Rehoboth will require much. More sacrifice. More obedience. More service. If your gift is to teach, then teach. If you are gifted with children, work with our family ministry. Whatever the gift, Jesus requires us to exercise it so we will become skilled in its use and mature in the Body.