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The Beginning: 100 years of Praying and Waiting

Buck Run Baptist Church was founded in 1818 with 21 charter members near the Scott County-Franklin County line on a little creek from which it took its name. The church considered calling John Taylor as their first pastor, but he declined. He did agree to preach for the church once a month and that arrangement continued for 10 years. Originally meeting in members’ homes, the church eventually built a brick sanctuary in 1848. The meeting house on Buck Run Creek was moved brick by brick to its current location at the Forks of Elkhorn in 1888 and has been in continual use ever since.

The brief 19th century sketch of Buck Run in Ford’s Christian Repository concludes with this invocation: “God grant that the future of this church may be the continual sunshine of prosperity.”

God Leads: 100 Years of Growth

The church didn’t have a full-time pastor until after its first century. Herbert Haywood became the first full time pastor in 1919. However, over the next 20 years this office fluctuated between full-time and part-time pastorates.

The church continued to thrive throughout the 20th century. By 1964, Buck Run’s membership had grown to 200 active members. The current Fellowship Hall and adjoining classrooms were built in 1968.

The new sanctuary, situated across the road from the old one, was finished on the 27th of November 1994 and dedicated in 1995. In 1997 there was flooding as both creeks rose. There is a mark on the door in the old sanctuary that indicates the height the water came to – at least 5 feet high.

In 2001 Buck Run bought the Rehoboth (which means “plenty of room”) property and made the decision to relocate to that property when God provided. In 2003 Dr. Bob Jackson resigned and the church called Dr. Hershael York as pastor with the understanding that the decision to move had already been made.

In 2005 the church completed $1 million worth of site preparation on the property, including utilities, leveling, and a spacious recreational pavilion. That same year, Buck Run went to two services, one of which was held out on 421 at the Frankfort Christian Academy. This lasted until November 2009 when both services resumed under the roof at the Georgetown road Campus.

In the past ten years, Buck Run paid off about $4 million of debt for the current sanctuary, the post-flood repairs, the Rehoboth property, and the site preparation, and is currently debt free.

The Future: It’s Time!

God has prepared us for this moment! Buck Run’s history is a testament to God’s faithful provision for His people. A people who after 40 years of prayer and waiting finally built a sanctuary. Buck Run Baptist faithfully persisted for a century before calling a full time pastor. Then they prayed and waited for growth to reach 200 active members around the time of her 150th anniversary. It took yet another fifty years for the current sanctuary, then another twenty to become debt free. And now we anticipate worshipping each week at Rehoboth by our 200th Anniversary. Brothers and Sisters – We prayed. We waited. God is leading. It’s Time. MOVE.


  • 1818Buck Run Baptist Church founded by John Taylor and 22 other members in the Woodlake community of Franklin County.
  • 1888The original church building is relocated less than three miles to the Forks of the Elkhorn.
  • 1947An addition to the Sanctuary was completed.
  • 1968Additional space was added to the original building, bringing the total square footage to 10,000.
  • 1994The current 20,000 square foot worship center was constructed.
  • 1997In March, record flood waters filled the current buildings. The church met off-site for five months while the structures were restored.
  • 2001Buck Run purchased the land referred to as “Rehoboth”.
  • 2002First Master Plan to develop Rehoboth completed.
  • 2005First site development plans of Rehoboth campus began.
  • 2013Buck Run celebrates being debt-free and begins the MOVE fundraising campaign.
  • Jan. 2014 – Buck Run forms Vision Team and begins meeting.
  • May 2014 – Vision Team chooses BGW/Hargett for A&E and construction management.
  • June 2014 – Vision Team and BGW architects design the initial phase and formation of the new building.
  • Sept. 2014 – Vision Team and BGW finalize Master Plan and design.
  • Sept. 28, 2014 – Plans presented to church.