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Hershael YorkDear Buck Run Family,

Dead churches never ask much of you. In a dead church, you can choose to attend or stay home. You can take a job if you want to, or you can just be a spectator; whatever suits you. You probably need to put a little money in theoffering plate now and then just to keep the machinery running, but you don’t have to give much, because not much is happening anyway.

Churches that are on mission with Jesus are very different. They remind you that the King of Kings doesn’t ask for donations, but demands your all. They constantly convey that church is not a polite social club, but a frontline supply center for spiritual warfare. Churches that follow Jesus will disciple you, push you, rebuke you, raise the bar, hold you to high standards and ideals—and show you what grace is when you fail.

The cost of being a Christ-centered, gospel- focused church on mission with Jesus is high. Salvation is free, but preserving it, preaching it, and living it out in a community of faith like Buck Run comes with a price tag.

For nearly 200 years the fellowship of believers at Buck Run has faithfully given, served, loved, and lived for the cause of Christ. Our rich heritage has propelled us to the precipice of a great future. Our obedience to God’s leadership today will position Buck Run to continue that legacy of Kingdom faithfulness for generations to come.

Preparing to move to our Rehoboth property is not about a building, or more parking, or greater opportunities for growth. As important as all of those concerns may be, they are no different than any growing organization of any kind might face. This move is about Jesus and about His preeminence in our church. This move is about a journey of faith with eternal implications.

The only reason for which we should move is that ultimately we can do more for Christ. With more room we can reach and disciple more people, we can deploy more missionaries, we can send more mission teams, we can do more local ministry, and we can declare the great name of Jesus to more people who are lost and hopeless without Him. We do not have the option to content ourselves with what we have and who we are.

Generations before us have seized the moment and the opportunity that God gave them. Their sacrificial spirit and obedience to the vision have paved the road that leads to this place. This is our moment. Now is the time. Jesus is worth it.

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