But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.

Jeremiah 29:7

We do not believe that our church is located in the heart of Kentucky by chance. Rather, we understand that Frankfort and the surrounding area of Central Kentucky is our first mission field. Obedience to the Great Commission begins by reaching our neighbors.

To this end, Buck Run launched Serve Frankfort in 2015 to meet needs within our community in order to make relationships and win people to belief in Jesus Christ.  Our morning begins with a time of corporate prayer for our community at 8:30am followed by the dispersement of teams all over the city to serve in a variety of capacities. Unless noted in the description, all projects will be completed by noon.


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  • Project descriptions can be found by clicking on the links above. Please prayerfully consider your place of service. You will be contacted about your project once teams are filled.

Below are the available projects and their descriptions for this month’s Serve Frankfort workday. Register you and your family by filling out the registration form at the top of the page.  You will then receive an email with more information specific to your project the week of the workday. 

Avenues for Women is a nonprofit pregnancy resource center and state licensed medical clinic that offers assistance to girls and women in unplanned pregnancies.

A Serve Frankfort team will spend the morning deep cleaning their offices and work space. This team will not only clean the facility but also pray for the workers and the patients they will care for.

Team Size: 8-10



73570_Serve Frankfort Project Slides_10_040617Simon House is a nonprofit transitional living facility for homeless adult women who are pregnant or have children. In collaboration with other agencies and organizations, they provide a safe, stable, and healthy environment that encourages, educates and empowers residents to become self-sufficient and productive members of our community and the larger society.

A Serve Frankfort team will spend time at the Simon House completing two main projects: landscaping and painting. First, a team will spend time weeding and cleaning up their garden so that they can begin planting seeds this spring. Second, a team will help paint both interior and exterior spaces.

Team Size: 10-12


73570_Serve Frankfort Project Slides_02_040617There are many great men and women that faithfully serve our community as law enforcement officials and firemen.

This Serve Frankfort team is ideal for families with young children. After the 8:30am prayer gathering this team will bake cookies and make cards. The team will be assigned police officers and firehouses to visit.

Team Size: 15-20




Second Street Elementary educates hundreds of students in the heart of Frankfort, providing a great environment for teaching the next generation.

A Serve Frankfort team will help clean up the school’s playground, moving mulch so that grass seed can be planted this spring. Also, this team will remove rubber pellets from a former playground area to beautify the courtyard area.

Team Size: 20






As followers of Christ, we want to infuse prayer into everything we do, especially as we serve the community of Frankfort.

A Serve Frankfort team will travel throughout Frankfort around to where other groups are serving and cover them in prayer, asking that God would change the hearts of those that these projects are impacting.

Team Size: 20



Bradford Square is a Nursing and Rehabilitation center that offers short-stay and long-term care for seniors who can’t care for themselves.

A Serve Frankfort team will be building raised flower bed boxes and planting flowers so that residents can both enjoy the garden area as well as tend to the flowers more easily from wheelchairs.

Team Size: 15


Franklin County High School is the largest public high school in Frankfort, empowering students to pursue their purpose and serve others.

A Serve Frankfort team will help to beautify the grounds of Franklin County High School. This team will take care of two major projects: landscaping around the high school and painting some exterior areas.

Team Size: 30



Western Hills High School is a major public school in Frankfort that educates almost a thousand students per year, investing in the lives of those within the community.

A Serve Frankfort Team will be planting two trees on the Western Hills campus.


Team Size: 4-6



Elkhorn Elementary educates hundreds of students in Frankfort, providing resources to positively impact the community through dedication and hard work.

A Serve Frankfort Team will be helping Elkhorn Elementary by landscaping and planting flowers as well as mulching major areas of the exterior.

Team Size: 15




The Lantern is a long-term care facility that specializes in the care of residents that have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

A Serve Frankfort team will be building standing flower boxes for residents that are in wheelchairs as well as helping facilitate activities and a devotional.

Team Size: 15



ACCESS Men’s Shelter provides at least one nutritious meal seven days a week to low income and disadvantage individuals, while also providing temporary shelter for men on a night to night basis.

A Serve Frankfort team will be helping to prepare and serve food at the shelter for those who are in need.

Team Size: 10



Bellepoint Church is an active church in the community that loves the Lord and loves to serve.

A Serve Frankfort Team will be helping Bellepoint Church paint parts of their building as well as doing some landscape work.


Team Size: 25



The Resource Office for Social Ministry (ROSM) is a nonprofit organization that coordinates efforts to provide benevolent ministry resources to churches and those in need, including referrals to God’s Pantry and other social service agencies.

A Serve Frankfort team will help ROSM file papers so that they can continue to increase the efficiency of their ministry.

Team Size: 4-5