We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit and learn more about us. There’s a lot to discover about who we are and what we do as a church family. The information below is designed to provide a brief overview for those interested in joining our church by becoming a member.

Church membership is for people who love Jesus, love the church, and want to commit themselves to proclaim the love of Christ to the world. Here at Buck Run, we believe that it is very important for Christians to be committed members of a local church.

The process for becoming a member at Buck Run Baptist Church is simple! It’s a three-step process, and the order in which you take the steps does not matter.

1) Discover Buck Run. This class provides us the opportunity to articulate to prospective members what we believe and value as a congregation, our ministries that are offered for all ages, and practical steps on how to get further plugged into the life of the church.

2) Pastoral Interview. The pastoral interview is a scheduled meeting with one of our pastors to talk about your spiritual testimony of how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior, how faith in Christ has changed your life, and how you intend to join the church- whether by baptism, statement of faith, or a transfer of letter from another Baptist church.

3) Presentation to Buck Run.
The presentation to the church is your expressed desire to become a member in the worship service. There is a time for response to God’s Word that happens after the sermon is preached and we encourage anyone who desires to be a member, regardless of where they are in the membership process, to come forward during this time of response to speak with one of our Pastors.

Have additional questions? You can connect with Melanie Brewer, our Director of Guest Services, at [email protected].