Buck Run offers a wide variety of classes designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply its timeless truths to life and culture. Most classes last 6 weeks and will range from the study of Scripture to Christian biography, doctrines, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and many other options. In-person classes begin at 9:15 a.m.

Current Classes

Discover Buck Run | Scott Riessen | Room 100
This class taught by our pastors offers an introduction to Buck Run and its mission, vision, and expectations for members. Launch yourself into ministry and get plugged in. This is a fantastic way to really get connected to the life and ministry of Buck Run.

Why Baptist?: Understanding Ecclesiology | Dr. Hershael York | Sanctuary
What does it mean that Buck Run is a Baptist Church? In a world full of choices, we may be tempted to think that differences between Christian denominations are trivial and unimportant. On the contrary, Baptist identity is built upon important beliefs, especially concerning church membership, baptism, and the authority of the local congregation. Join Dr. York as he explores these denominational distinctives and how they impact the life of our local church as we seek to follow Jesus together.

What in the World is Going On?: How to speak Biblical truth in an age of cultural relativism | Dr. Lindell Ormsbee | Room 102
This class will provide a survey of western culture and examine those individuals and ideas that have led to the erosion if not the elimination of truth in our present culture. Most importantly, we will discuss how Christians can be more effective at engaging society with Biblical truth in the age of the autonomous self.

1 Corinthians Part 2 | Dr. Chris Parrish & Ben Pinkston | Room 103
How do we live in the midst of a crooked generation? How can the church of the Lord function in a world of sin, pride, and confusion? Paul answers these questions and more in his letter to the church at Corinth. He exhorts them, and us, to greater faith and trust in Christ. Join us for this class as we walk, verse by verse, through the book of 1 Corinthians.

Explore the Bible
Our ongoing legacy classes taught by Dave Parks in Room 105 and Robert Farley in Room 107 meet every week and study through books of the Bible using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Enjoy warm fellowship, sound teaching, and a delightful community in one of our two legacy classes.

Previous Classes