Buck Run offers a wide variety of classes designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply its timeless truths to life and culture. Most classes last 6 weeks and will range from the study of Scripture to Christian biography, doctrines, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and many other options. In-person classes begin at 9:15 a.m.

Current Classes

Biblical Contentment (Women’s Class) | Jennifer Whittaker | Room 102
Biblical contentment is an inward trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness that produces fruit of joy and peace and thanksgiving in the life of a believer, regardless of outward circumstances. This class will explore the root of discontentment and areas it reveals itself. Contentment is for every season of life. Join us as we refocus our hearts and minds on God with a new awareness that He will strengthen us and supply our daily needs.

Zephaniah | Kevin Dunford | Room 103
While the people of Judah were Zephaniah’s immediate audience, we will see that in light of the work of Jesus Christ, Zephaniah is a book written for each of us today. We will consider all that is entailed in the prophet’s declaration of the nearness and nature of the coming Day of the Lord and what its implications are for how we live now. Come join Pastor Kevin as he explores the book of Zephaniah and uncovers the Savior’s call for satisfaction in Him.

Walking in the Truth: A Study in 2 and 3 John | Ben Pinkston | Sanctuary
Truth and love are two central themes, not only in the Apostle John’s writings, but in the Christian faith as a whole. But both of these words have contested definitions in the culture around us. What truths about Jesus must the Christian believe? What does it mean for the Christian to truly love? Join Ben as he explores the answers to these and other questions from 2nd and 3rd John.

Explore the Bible
Our ongoing legacy classes taught by Dave Parks in Room 105 and Robert Farley in Room 107 meet every week and study through books of the Bible using LifeWay’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Enjoy warm fellowship, sound teaching, and a delightful community in one of our two legacy classes.

Upcoming Classes

Beginning June 18th

Theology of Worship | Adrian Mathenia | Room 102

Suffering, Anxiety, and the Hand of God | Christopher Scrufari | Room 103

Great Doctrines of the Bible | Dr. Hershael York & Dr. Chris Parrish | Sanctuary

Previous Classes