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Pastor Letter: April 24, 2019

Buck Run Family: Have you ever wondered what goes on down the hall to your left as you enter the church building? That place just beyond the Kids Ministry to the left of the rehearsal hall where a giant sign reading “Buck Run Students” is located? If you have, let me fill you in a […]

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Missions Monday: Pointing Every Person to Christ

Cristi Chivu grew up in Communist Romania without any interest in Christianity. Now, Cristi coordinates international projects for the Romanian-American Mission and equips Christians in the United States and Europe to make disciples. Coming to Christ in Romania Cristi was born in Piatra Neamt, Romania. At the time, Romania suffered under a Communist government, and […]

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Pastor Letter: April 17, 2019

Dear Church Family: He is risen! He is risen indeed! This week marks the most celebrated day on the Christian calendar, the day we commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Though we call it Easter, most of the world knows it as Pascha, which is related to the Hebrew Pesach, or Passover. I […]

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Missions Monday: Reaching Frankfort

Ninety members of our church participated in the first Reach Frankfort event this past Saturday. Each member was placed into a group of  2-3 people and sent out to houses near the church with the purpose of sharing the gospel with people at their doorsteps. Our people visited 1,528 houses, talked with 530 different people, […]

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Pastor Letter: April 10, 2019

Dear Buck Run Family: When I think of who we are as a church, I think of a people who are unashamedly committed to following Christ, regardless of the cost. Our church has sacrificially given in obedience to Christ, engaged in missions around the world for the glory of Christ, and served in various capacities […]

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Missions Monday: A New Convert in Colombia

IMB missionaries and Buck Run members, Kenny and Cheryl Morris live in Panama where their ministry is to mobilize three of the indigenous tribes of Panama: the Kuna, the Wounaan, and the Emberá, to take the Gospel to Colombia. All three of these tribes live on both sides of the Panamanian and Colombian borders. While […]

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Pastor Letter: March 27, 2019

When Dr. York became our Senior Pastor in 2003, he shared with the congregation his vision for the church to be a teaching church. There are many ways in which we truly are a teaching church. A key aspect of this is our Pastoral Internship program. While seminaries (like the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in […]

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Missions Monday: Buck Run Continues Relationship with RAM in England

At the beginning of March, pastors Chris Parrish and Scott Riessen went to Birmingham, England to meet with Romanian-American Mission (RAM) pastors Daniel Bara and Daniel Puicar. Buck Run has partnered with RAM since its founding in the 1990’s. Our church’s latest investment in RAM has been through the Romanian congregation in Birmingham, England. When […]

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Pastor Letter: March 20, 2019

Dear Buck Run Family: “I will never become a Christian, but I love to hear you preach about Jesus.” Those words have been spoken to me several times by a dear Muslim friend who regularly attends Buck Run. I learn a lot from listening to him talk about his experience at our church. He feels […]

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