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Blog Month: April 2020

Being Thankful During Times Like These

On March 8, Joan and I were having a great Sunday afternoon traveling back from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee having experienced a wonderful marriage retreat with many of our Buck Run family. In all our reflection and conversation, little did we realized the changes that were about to take place in our lives and the world […]

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Do All These Pieces Belong?

  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5   A friend of mine received a puzzle where part of the challenge was not knowing what the completed puzzle would be. The box was blank, no picture. Inside the box were clues to help you. Each piece was […]

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10 Ways to Grow During COVID-19

Many of us are in a very different rhythm of life than we could have ever imagined a few months ago. Some have found themselves working a significant amount more, struggling to make intentional time to invest in family, community, and if we’re honest, the Lord. Others have been working primarily from home, a task […]

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Sorrow and Glory

Dear Buck Run Family: My heart is full and overflowing after our very special Easter weekend. It was so uplifting, so encouraging, and so productive—may we never have another one like it! Like so many things in life, we would not choose this, nor would we want to go through it again, yet we can […]

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Hope is a Lion (and the heavens are roaring)!

I’ve noticed I say “hope” a great many times throughout my day. When I’m talking or texting, praying or just thinking, I keep “hearing” – “I hope.” I hope you are safe. I hope you have a good day. I hope he or she feels better. I hope you get that job or assignment or […]

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Preparing for the Triduum

Dear Buck Run Family, I hope that you are having a wonderful week commemorating what Jesus did in order to accomplish our salvation through His death, burial, and resurrection. Though this will perhaps be the strangest Easter of our lifetimes, I have no doubt that the Lord will use it to remind us of the […]

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Who is My Neighbor?

I have found that in the last 3 weeks, the people to whom I have the most contact with are people that I have never even spoken to before now. I have found those in my neighborhood to be more chatty than normal. I have also found myself being a little more annoyed with my […]

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Pastor Letter: April 1, 2020

Buck Run Family, As we trudge into another month of the pandemic, many things in our culture that used to be prominent are now fading into the background. No one is tracking movie revenues and ticket sales because theaters are closed. Celebrity gossip is on standby because the celebrities are holed up like the rest […]

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