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Blog Month: June 2018

Pastor Letter: June 28, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family: I am fascinated by the current preoccupation with ancestry. Genealogical websites, DNA tests, even a television show that answers “Who Am I?” are all wildly popular as people from every corner of the nation are intent on answering that question. Many people are shocked to discover that they are not who […]

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Pastor Letter: June 21, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family: In Jude 21 we’re called to keep ourselves in the love of God by building ourselves up in the most holy faith. We will know, experience, and treasure God’s love for us when we build our lives on the truth of the Gospel. Let me ask you: how are you building […]

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Pastor Letter: June 14, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family: Are you equipped enough with the Word of God to face the challenges of being a believer in 2018? Ministry today has become a tricky thing. Once we could ask people on what basis they hoped to go to heaven; now we live in a world that, at best, ignores heaven […]

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Pastor Letter: June 4, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family: I cannot tell you how overjoyed Lacey and I are to join the faith family here, as we seek to proclaim, disciple, and serve alongside you. The Lord’s grace, mercy, and providence are evident at Buck Run through the way you love and serve Him and other people in the community […]

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