J.R. Miller’s Daily Family Prayer

J.R. Miller was a pastor, editor, and prolific writer. His work on the home and family life is among the best reflection available to believers. You may find a link to his daily family prayers on our resource page.


Monday Morning

Father, as the brightness of a new day has come to us, we wait before You to get Your blessing. We desire to make this a new beginning of life. We would forget the things that are past. We would forget . . .
our past mistakes and sins,
our past sorrows, and
our past battles and struggles.

We begin this new day, asking for grace to live a new life that shall honor You, and bless the world.

As we go forth to our day’s tasks, we ask for Your special presence with us. We plead Your promises. You have said, “As your days — so shall your strength be!” You have said, “Lo I am with you always — even unto the end of the world!” We wait for the fulfillment of these promises. We need Your guidance and help at every step. We are weak — but You can make us strong to endure. May You empower us with Your Spirit, that we may carry something of the love of Jesus to those whom we shall meet. We desire to live in the world, as those who belong to Heaven, carrying Heaven’s love in our hearts, and Heaven’s brightness in our faces.

Conscious of our weakness, we cast our lives with all their burdens of infirmity, upon You — and ask You to keep us. May You watch over each one of us and bring us all together again in the evening, if it be Your will. But if our circle should be broken, if any of us should be taken away from earth — receive us into the Father’s house, to go no more out forever!

We pray for those with whom life will go hard today — for the poor, the sick, the tempted, those in sorrow’s darkness. Manifest Yourself to them in tender love.

Hear us in these our morning prayers. Keep us from all evil. Help us to faithfully do every duty. We ask all this in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.