A Letter from Our Pastor

November 10, 2014

Dear Buck Run Family:

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.16.15 AMI am sitting by the Sea of Galilee in the city of Tiberias, Israel as I write this letter of encouragement to you. Tanya and I are traveling with about 18 others and having a marvelous time. I am learning so much about the Word of God that, unsurprisingly, I can’t wait to get back to you and preach the Word once again. Lord willing, I will be back and preach Sunday morning. I am so grateful that I get to take this trip, but I feel an even deeper gratitude that I get to share the Word with you. We will be back in Hebrews 11 this Sunday and I am confident that you will be encouraged in your faith.

But in addition to the joy of our regular worship, fellowship, and teaching, please keep in mind that this Sunday we will celebrate the first anniversary of our MOVE campaign. We certainly have much to celebrate. What an incredible year God has given us. Just last fall we paid off our debt and now we have over $1 million dollars in the bank designated to our relocation! Thank you for your faithfulness! Though that is a lot of money, it’s still just a portion of our need. We want to be good stewards and we know that the more we have in hand, the less we will have to borrow and the more we can do. That requires commitment and sacrifice!

So this Sunday, November 16, I am asking for three things:  1) If you were not a part of Buck Run last year when we made our commitments, or if you simply were not able to make a commitment at that time, would you ask God what He would have you do? Will you ask Him to give you a vision of what you can give over the next two years, and let us know your intention? We do more in any area of life when we are intentional, and especially when we write it down. So if you have not yet made a commitment, please do so. 2) If you made a commitment, will you give as much as you can toward that commitment right now? The more we have in hand as we go into the process, the better stewardship we can exercise. 3) Will you consider giving even more? We have had several members who told me that the Lord has increased their burden and put on their hearts to give more. All I am asking you to do is to seek His will.

I am more excited about what God is doing at Buck Run than I have ever been. God is moving so obviously and evidently among us. I come back not only with a great desire to see you again and to preach, but a great expectation of how God will show His faithfulness once again. I love you, dear church, and I look forward to seeing you again.

In Christ Jesus,

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