Call to Give

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Buck Run, our MOVE campaign has gotten off to a fast start. One year ago, we began this campaign in hopes of collecting $1.8 Million in capital funds. After only 12 months of a planned 3 year campaign, we have a remarkable $1 Million in the bank. Your sacrifice and faithful generosity have been evident. However, we must do more.

Over the last year we’ve also gained many new members as our church continues to grow. We have also realized the need for up-front funds as we begin our building project. The more we have and the sooner we have it, the more we will be able to accomplish toward getting our new property ready for use.

A special call to give will be given during the morning worship services on November 16th.

Every member of Buck Run, long-time and new, should continue to feel the responsibility to give to this project. So we will have a special call to give during our morning worship services on November 16th. During this time, you can make a commitment to the MOVE campaign or give toward it in a way you hadn’t originally anticipated.

Remember, it’s not about a building, but about reaching people with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Do your part as we glorify God by proclaiming Jesus Christ!