Expect More

Being a part of the body of Christ is a singularly joyful and thrilling experience. At Buck Run, our deepest desire is to see the church glorify God by proclaiming Jesus Christ by making disciples who serve their community and spread the gospel to the nations. In order to do that most effectively, you should live your life immersed in God’s Word and among his people.

Our commitment to you is to provide opportunities for you to do this well. As you consider ministry and mission at Buck Run, think about making a commitment of your own. There are four areas of ministry of which every member of Buck Run should be a part.

Worship –  Make weekly worship attendance a staple in the routine of your life. Whatever else may get cut out, never let worship with God’s people be optional.

Sunday School – Be equipped for the work of ministry. At 9:15 every Sunday morning there are multiple opportunities for you to learn, grow, and apply God’s truth.

Community Group – Fellowship with other believers in a home environment. This is where you can best fulfill the “one another’s” of Jesus’ commands to the church. Live life together.

Service – The world around you wants to see if the faith you proclaim is real. There isn’t a better way to show people the truth of the gospel than by stooping to serve others.

Make these four commitments and you will find the joyful, thrilling body of Christ to be the reality of your life in every moment. Expect more; there’s nothing better than that.