Missions Monday: San Francisco Bay Church Planters See Continued Fruit

In 2015, Brett and Patti Butler answered a call to ministry.  With the support of Buck Run as the sending church, Brett and Patti moved to San Francisco with the vision of planting multiple churches in the Bay Area.  Of the eight million people in the Bay Area, only 600,000 are evangelical believers. The Butler’s desire is to be a catalyst for thousands of church plants that will reach the people of San Francisco and the surrounding area. Due to the high level of lostness, the 160 languages spoken in the area, and the high costs of living and property, church in the Bay Area looks a little different than what we are accustomed to in Central Kentucky.

Since leaving Frankfort, the Butlers have started Sanctuary Bay, which now consists of six church plants in the San Francisco Bay area.  These six churches do not meet in a traditional “church building”; they meet in homes.  These small gatherings gather weekly for prayer, worship, and Bible study. Through the evangelistic outreach of the Butler’s team, people are regularly putting their faith in Christ which is creating the need for more churches. Currently, Brett serves as the lead pastor for each congregation. The Butler’s are praying for men to be raised up from within each congregation to be trained to shepherd their own flock.

Buck Run continues to view Sanctuary Bay as an extension of our ministry and mission.  We financially support Sanctuary Bay through the church’s mission budget. As the sending church, we have the responsibility to encourage the Butlers from a distance and through the periodic sending of teams to San Francisco.

How to Pray for the Butlers and Sanctuary Bay:

  1. Pray for the Lord to raise up new leaders in the churches so that Brett can move his pastoral efforts to starting new congregations.
  2. Pray for continued fruit in Sanctuary Bay’s evangelistic efforts and for discipleship of these new believers.
  3. Pray for Brett and Patti to be continually strengthened through the reading of the Word and encouraged by other believers including the members of Buck Run.

How to Serve the Butlers and Sanctuary Bay:

  1. Pray regularly for the Butler’s church planting efforts in San Francisco.
  2. Encourage the Brett and Patti through emails, letters, and calls.
  3. Consider attending going on a 4-6 day trip with Buck Run to San Francisco to assist and encourage the Butlers in their efforts. Contact Scott Riessen if interested at [email protected].

How to Contact the Butlers and Sanctuary Bay:

  1. Website: www.sanctuarybay.org
  2. Facebook: www.facebook.com/SanctuaryBayCA
  3. Email Brett: [email protected]
  4. Email Patti: [email protected]