Buck Run to Highlight Orphan Care this Sunday

On November 12, churches across world will recognize Orphan Sunday.  This day is an opportunity for the global church to better understand God’s heart for the orphan and respond to opportunities for adoption, foster care and orphan ministry.

So why should Christians be concerned about the orphan?  There are two simple answers.  First, because God cares deeply for those without families (see Deuteronomy 10:18 and Psalm 68:5-6, among others).   Throughout scripture, God shows himself as a defender of the poor, oppressed, and fatherless. Consequently, Christ followers are to be concerned about what He’s concerned about and what drives His actions should readily drive ours (Isaiah 1:17; James 1:27; Matthew 10:42; Matthew 25:40).

Second, once we realize God’s heart for orphans, we also realize that the need for their care is great.  Information from the Christian Alliance for Orphans estimates that there are over 140 million orphans around the world.  Just in Kentucky, there are over 8,000 children available for foster care and/or adoption placements.

Despite difficult circumstances, not all orphans are able to be adopted and the Bible does not call all to adopt, but orphans are within our reach of care.  Some of us can adopt or foster.  Some can give time and resources.  Others can minister to families who foster and adopt.  All can pray. At Buck Run this Sunday, there will be information available so you can learn more about adoption, foster care, orphan ministries, child sponsorship and much more.  On November 11, we pray that you come with a willingness to explore and respond to God’s heart for the orphan.

You can learn more about Orphan Sunday through the Christian Alliance for Orphans.