Pastor Letter: June 4, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family:

I cannot tell you how overjoyed Lacey and I are to join the faith family here, as we seek to proclaim, disciple, and serve alongside you. The Lord’s grace, mercy, and providence are evident at Buck Run through the way you love and serve Him and other people in the community and around the world. We witnessed this yesterday through meeting several of you, and are thankful God brought us here to serve alongside you. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed here. We look forward to getting to know you in the coming days!

Lacey and I met at Southern Seminary in 2015 and have been married for almost 2 years (July 2016). Both of us share a love for God and his people and enjoy serving the church in any way we can. Lacey graduated from Southern Seminary in 2016 with a Master of Arts Degree in Discipleship and Family Ministry. She is passionate about partnering with the church in equipping families with biblical tools and resources in order to help them disciple their children. I will graduate with my Master of Divinity degree in December of this year with the hopes of starting doctoral studies in January 2019. Also, as mentioned in the service, we are expecting our first child in December (Christmas Day to be exact)! As if the Christmas season wasn’t already exciting enough, we anticipate this Christmas more than any of the previous ones. We are excited to grow our family here!

As the Assistant Pastor, I will be assisting Dr. York in various duties at the church and Seminary as needed. Also, I will oversee all aspects of outreach and assimilation at the church. Assimilation is a fancy word which means helping new visitors and members get plugged in. The assimilation process for us has been a big blessing, and it will be exciting to oversee the guest experience and membership process at the church. Buck Run has made a tremendous impact in the lives of hundreds of people in Frankfort, and I’m excited to lead and serve in this community with this church family. God has been tremendously gracious to and through you.

Lacey and I look forward to plugging into the life of the church through adult discipleship classes and being in a community group. We enjoy having people alongside us who can pray, laugh, and enjoy life together, especially in such a big transition of our lives. We would love to get to know you and will do our best to intentionally connect with people here. We are excited to partner with you in the Lord’s work at Buck Run in the community and around the world!

Bro. Matt