Pastor Letter: August 23, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family:

Are you being filled with the Holy Spirit right now? No answer to any question is of greater importance in your life today! If you have not yet heard the sermon from Sunday, August 19, click here and watch or listen to it now! What can our church do if the majority of our members are filled with the Holy Spirit consciously, conspicuously, and continuously just as God designed?

One priority of Spirit-filled Christians is sharing the gospel and keeping the mission of enlarging Christ’s Kingdom front and center. Our goal at Buck Run is to see people come to know Christ. Our passion is leading our friends, relatives, neighbors, associates, and acquaintances to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and making disciples of them.

One way we are living out that passion is by planting a church in Ft. Collins, CO. Our former executive pastor, Zack Thurman, has led his family and a marvelous team of former Buck Run members to this university town in the Rockies to establish a church to reach people, particularly students at Colorado State University. This past weekend, fifteen of our folks traveled there to participate in the first “preview” service of Overland Church. They canvassed, invited people, and then provided energy and a welcoming atmosphere for that first public service. By God’s grace, 102 people attended and heard Zack Thurman preach the Gospel.

Subtracting our temporary team and some other church planters who attended, they had 75 people who are solid prospects for the church launch. How we praise the Lord for this great response. We could use some volunteers to go to Ft Collins the weekend of September 9 just to help host and welcome folks during the next preview service. It’s very affordable if you fly Frontier or Southwest Airlines direct from the Cincinnati airport to Denver. If you would like more information, talk to Matt Morvay ([email protected]).

Community Groups are kicking off now and the Lord has blessed us with 24 groups. These are like the joints of the body; they keep us connected and moving! If you haven’t joined one yet, please do so. We want everyone plugged in through worship, teaching, and community.

Though it’s still several weeks away, please block out the evening of September 21 for one of the most important events in the year at Buck Run. While we look forward to what God will do through us in the future, we continue to fuel and support the work that He has already done through us in the past. We will do this at our annual RAM Dinner. Over 20 years ago Buck Run was the catalyst for a major gospel effort in Europe, one of the hardest places in the world to plant churches. Since that time over 400 churches have been established. I know of no other effort like it on that continent. I want you to meet and to encourage some of the men and women who are making this happen and see firsthand what God can do when we follow His leading.

The opportunities before us are daunting, and we cannot do them in the strength of our flesh or the wisdom of our human minds—but we can do all God gives us to do when we are filled with the Spirit! Are you being filled with the Spirit right now?

Your grateful pastor,

Bro. Hershael