Pastor Letter: September 20, 2018

Dear Buck Run Family:

When God gives us a gift, especially an amazingly personal, practical, and beautiful gift, we would be wretched ingrates indeed if we did not take the time to thank Him for so marvelous and thoughtful a present. The gift of which I write is the astoundingly competent and godly collection of men who serve as pastors with me. God has given us so many godly ministers that we feel absolutely spoiled and overwhelmed by His grace.

Chris Parrish, our Senior Associate Pastor, is a joyful, insightful, careful expositor of the Scriptures. I love to hear him preach. He has a gift in the pulpit like few men. Whenever I am gone and Chris preaches, people always express to me how much they enjoy the Word, even in my absence. That delights me beyond words!

Though Scott Riessen started out as our student pastor and performed ably in that role, it became very evident that he has a gift for church administration. Whether budgets or calendars, strategic planning or personal relationships, Scott is anointed for leadership in the practical matters that bog a lot of churches down. He has the competence and patience to see how much those things matter and to do them well.

Wesley Noss was a fellow Kentucky pastor for years, but he had vast experience at some of the largest and most influential churches in our Convention as well. By God’s grace, he has beaten cancer twice, and his knowledge of the Word of God combines with his life experiences to give him one of the kindest and most Christlike hearts I have ever known. He defines pastoral care with his gentle presence and encouraging demeanor.

Dave Parks has been a friend of mine all of my life, and when I heard that his 35-year ministry at Thompson Road Baptist Church in Lexington had ended, I knew he and Debbie needed us as we needed them. Dave teaches one of our legacy classes, but he is, above all, a shepherd. Joyful, gentle, knowledgeable, and kind, Dave’s experience and wisdom combine to bless and enrich everyone to whom he ministers.

Matt Morvay is my Assistant Pastor. He is finishing his M.Div. degree at Southern Seminary this semester and will be entering the Ph.D. program. One of those guys who can do it all, Matt can teach, preach, counsel, and administrate. He is a marvelous help to me and I thank God for his partnership in keeping me focused on my tasks.

Matt Ross is our latest addition. Though he is our Student Pastor, like all of our pastors he ministers to anyone in need. He has a keen mind and a loving heart. Coming to us from Parkside Church where he interned with Alistair Begg, he sets a spirit of excellence in all he does.

Buck Run makes ministering to ministers a priority, so when we hear of a ministry family that has been going through a difficult time, we bring them here, love on them, encourage them, and after they have healed, try to help them find a place of service permanently. Andrew Record and his family have been through some tough times in ministry, but they have not soured on serving the Lord. While Andrew is with us he will be sharing in pastoral duties and assignments, gaining valuable experience while helping us fulfill the great mission that God has given us as well.

I am sorry that I do not have space to tell you more about our interns, Reeves Garrett, Justin Ray, and Andrew Cross. They are servant-hearted and powerful men of the Gospel on whom we rely every day.

What an array of qualified and called men of God we have to serve here to help us fulfill our mission to reach the lost and disciple and care for our members! We are at your service and in need of your prayers. May God bless us as we serve King Jesus together!

Your grateful pastor,

Bro. Hershael