Mission Team Adjusts Plans

This past Sunday a team of 6 men left Buck Run heading to Panama to serve IMB Missionaries and Buck Run members, Kenny and Cheryl Morris. The Morris’ are building a church in Jaque, Panama our team planned to gather the lumber needed to begin assembling a building for a local church body to gather. To get to Jaque, the team charted a flight on a plane that from the picture above appears to be smaller than our church van. Once in Jaque Monday night, the team boarded a small boat to head into the jungle. There is no lumber store in Jaque so the team was going to have to make its own lumber and bring it back down the river to begin building the church building. However, border patrol saw them on their boat and stopped the team. They were told that Americans were not allowed this close to the Columbian border for fear of a kidnapping. While this drastically changes the team’s plans, the team is submitting to the local authorities and is not heading into the jungle. Under the excellent leadership of the Kenny and Cheryl, the team is adjusting and has found other ways to serve the people of Jaque. Please join us for praying for this team in the following ways:

  • Give praise to God for protecting our team from danger through the Panama Border Patrol
  • Pray that this trip will not be wasted and that the team will serve and share Jesus in unplanned ways in Jaque
  • Pray that the team will have understanding, patience, and flexibility in the midst of a drastic change of plans
  • Pray that the ongoing ministry of Kenny and Cheryl Morris will not be hindered because of the new policy restricting the parts of the country that they are permitted to be.