Resource Center Sale: Pastor Recommendations

Each week in the lobby at the Resource Center books for all ages and interests is available at discounted prices to equip the families of Buck Run for the Christian life. To make these great resources even more accessible, the Resource Center is currently running a half off sale on a majority of its books through the end of November. Below are recommendations from the pastoral staff that are available half off for the price listed below.

Dr. Hershael York

Explore the Book by J. Sidlow Baxter $25    Amazon: $47.99 (used)

Explore the Book is not a commentary with verse-by-verse annotations, nor is it just a series of analyses and outlines. Rather, it is a complete Bible survey course. No one can finish this series of studies and remain unchanged.

Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves $7    Amazon: $15

In this lively book, we find an introduction to Christianity and the Christian life that is from start to finish rooted in our triune God. Not only do we understand the person and work of Christ through the Trinity, but also prayer, the church and every aspect of our faith.

Chris Parrish

Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World by Thomas R. Schreiner $5    Amazon: $13

This book walks through six covenants from Genesis to Revelation, helping us grasp the overarching narrative of Scripture and see the salvation God has planned for us since the beginning of time―bolstering our faith in God and giving us hope for the future.

Reading the Bible Supernaturally by John Piper $9    Amazon: $27

In Reading the Bible Supernaturally, John Piper shows us that in the seemingly ordinary act of reading the Bible, something miraculous happens:  we are given eyes to behold the glory of the living God.

Scott Riessen

The Gospel at Work by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert $7    Amazon: $12

In The Gospel at Work, Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert unpack the powerful ways in which the gospel can transform how we do what we do, releasing us from the cultural pressures of both an all-consuming devotion and a punch-in, punch-out mentality—in order to find the freedom of a work ethic rooted in serving Christ.

8 Women of Faith by Michael A.G. Haykin $5    Amazon: $12

Throughout history, women have been crucial to the growth and flourishing of the church. Historian Michael A. G. Haykin highlights the lives of eight of these women who changed the course of history, showing how they lived out their unique callings despite challenges and opposition―inspiring modern men and women to imitate their godly examples today.

Matthew Morvay

Evangelism by J. Mack Stiles $4    Amazon: $13

Picture a church where evangelism is simply part of the culture. Leaders share their faith consistently and openly. Members follow, encouraging one another to make evangelism an ongoing way of life. Such is the way of evangelism presented by this brief and compelling book, and it just might give your church a new way to live and share the gospel together.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer $6    Amazon: $14

Stemming from J.I. Packer’s profound theological knowledge, Knowing God brings together two important facets of the Christian faith― knowing about God and also knowing God through the context of a close relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Written in an engaging and practical tone, this thought-provoking work seeks to transform and enrich the Christian understanding of God.

Matt Ross

Classic Teachings on the Nature of God (The Holiness of God, Chosen by God, Pleasing God) by R. C. Sproul $7    Amazon: $21

R. C. Sproul committed his life to clearly communicating deep, practical truths from God’s Word to students and laypeople. His lucid teaching style brings clarity to the most difficult–and often contentious–biblical and theological questions. Gathered here in one volume are three of his best-selling books.

Finally Free by Heath Lambert $5    Amazon: $14

In Finally Free, Dr. Heath Lambert, a leader in the biblical counseling movement, lays out eight gospel-centered strategies for overcoming the deceitful lure of pornography. Each chapter clearly demonstrates how the gospel applies to this particular battle and how Jesus can move readers from a life of struggle to a life of purity.

Dr. Wesley Noss

Finishing Our Course with Joy by J.I. Packer $4    Amazon: $11

Finishing Our Course with Joy challenges us to embrace old age as an opportunity for continued learning, careful planning, and heartfelt discipleship. J.I. Packer’s pastoral words and personal stories encourage us to press on toward the upward call of God with endurance and grace―that we might continue to glorify God in our aging and finish our lives with joy.

God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas J. Köstenberger and David W. Jones $9    Amazon: $23

This updated edition of Köstenberger and Jones’s landmark work tackles the latest debates and cultural challenges to God’s plan for marriage and the family and urges a return to a biblical foundation.