Pastor Letter: December 13, 2018

Buck Run Family,

We were so tremendously blessed to worship together last Friday night at the “Behold the Lamb” event. What a blessing it is to have so many gifted musicians to lead us. In one of the songs, Andrew Peterson writes, “Behold the lamb of God, who takes away our sins. Behold the Lamb of God, the light and life of men.” After all, that’s what the Christmas season is all about: beholding the lamb of God. Each year during this time we seek to be reminded again of the merciful miracle of Immanuel, God with us. Maybe the most beautiful part of this Christmas season is that we do all this behold together! We behold afresh our Savior, but we do it together as a body, together as those who have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

In addition to our regularly scheduled services, there are still some unique opportunities for us to behold the lamb together this Christmas. On Wednesday, December 19th at 5:30 PM we will have our Christmas dinner and program. This night is a great chance to share a meal, hear Christmas songs sung by some of our children, and to celebrate the Christmas story again!

On Christmas Eve at 5 PM we will gather for our Christmas Eve service. This service is a joyous and special time for our church family as we will gather around the Word as we hear the Good News of Christmas once again. This is a great time to bring your children, to teach them to treasure the gift of Jesus.

We hope that you and your family will take advantage of these great opportunities, but above all, it is my prayer that Lord would use the Christmas season to fan into flame our love for and devotion to Christ. The miracle of the incarnation is just as magnificent and merciful in July as it is on Christmas morning. May the Lord use this time of specific and intentional meditation on his coming to stir in our hearts a year-long, continual, treasuring of Christ. Let us together behold the lamb of God!

In Christ,

Chris Parrish