New Beginnings 2019: Discipleship

Christ has given a clear directive of the church to make disciples of his followers. At Buck Run understand this responsibility and have clear discipleship opportunities for believers of any age. As we enter 2019, we invite you to evaluate what steps you are taking to intentionally be discipled. Below is Buck Run’s discipleship strategy and how you can get involved.

Adult Discipleship

Adult Discipleship Classes

Each Sunday at 9:15 am, a wide variety of classes are offered designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply it’s timeless truths to life and culture. These 6-week classes range from the study of Scripture to Christian biography, doctrines, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, and many other options. You can join the following classes this week (click here for descriptions):

  • Room 100: Old Testament Overview Part 1 Taught by Chris Parrish
  • Room 101: What is the Church Taught by Reeves Garrett
  • Room 102: Religion in America Taught by Josh Benton
  • Room 103: Holy Spirit vs. Me, Myself, and I Taught by Marcia Arrastia
  • Sanctuary: The Sermon on the Mount Part 1 Taught by Dr. Hershael York

Community Groups

Community Groups connect people in small gatherings for the purpose of discipleship. They provide a network for ministry to take place and needs to be met. They are the place where life happens; a place for people to proclaim, disciple, and serve.

Each of our Community Groups is led by a facilitator. Below you can find information about each group. We encourage you to contact us about a place that best fits your family. Feel free to visit several groups and find the mix that best meets your needs. Community Group locations are available here.

Student Ministry

A key part of the Student Ministry’s Discipleship Pathway is Discipleship Groups. Each Wednesday night our students gather in gender-specific groups of 3-5 led by an adult who is passionate about discipling their students to become faithful followers of Christ. These group’s discussions are centered around our Bible Reading Plan and the corresponding H.E.A.R. Journal. Click here to view the current Reading Plan and email Matt Ross to get your 6th-12th grader involved.

Kids Ministry

Come join us every Wednesday evening as we EXPLORE the BIBLE! We are on a book-by-book study that will take our 2-year-olds – 5th graders on a journey into Scripture where they’ll see the Bible in a way that will make them want to dig deeper. Your kids will learn to love God’s Word through interactive lessons and scripture memory in a safe and exciting environment. Contact Melanie Brewer with any questions.

Please let me know how I can further connect you into the discipleship efforts of our church.

Chris Parrish