Missions Monday: East Asia Pastoral Internship

Buck Run partners with missionaries and church planters around the world. One of our missionaries in East Asia is beginning a new ministry to raise up new pastors. Ministry in a country closed to the Gospel requires creativity to continue the advancement of the Gospel. To this end, our missionary partner is starting a coffee shop and bakery where he can hire pastoral interns to roast coffee and bake bread. The goal of this new business is two-fold. First, young men will learn a trade that they can use to support themselves and their family in the future. Second, as their employer, it will create a reason in the eye of the government that the missionary will spend significant time with these aspiring pastors. During this six-month internship, the interns will shadow faithful local pastors, read books on pastoral ministry, theology, and church planting, and be given opportunities to grow as minister of the gospel of Christ.

There are currently five men that will be invited into the program. All of these men have proven Christian character, a deep love for God and His word, and desire to plant churches that glorify God. While these men are in the program, they will be given a monthly stipend of $500 to cover their basic needs. This will allow them to fully concentrate on reading and ministry assignments during the internship. The total cost of the internship will be $15,000. This isn’t a small amount of money. However, we believe that training local pastors is of the utmost importance and is at the very heart of fulfilling the Great Commission.

How can I pray for the East Asia Pastoral Internship?

  • Pray that the coffee shop and bakery will open its doors in a timely way and is a successful business venture.
  • Pray the pastoral interns as they train to become ministers of the Gospel.
  • Pray for adequate funds to be collected to start and continue this pastoral internship program.

How can I support the East Asia Pastoral Internship?

How can I stay connected with the East Asia Pastoral Internship?

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