Missions Monday: Buck Run Continues Relationship with RAM in England

At the beginning of March, pastors Chris Parrish and Scott Riessen went to Birmingham, England to meet with Romanian-American Mission (RAM) pastors Daniel Bara and Daniel Puicar. Buck Run has partnered with RAM since its founding in the 1990’s. Our church’s latest investment in RAM has been through the Romanian congregation in Birmingham, England.

When Romania joined the European Union in 2007, Romanians immigrated to countries all over Europe. This has led to the spread of the Romanian-American Missions organization specifically in England. Natives of Romania, Daniel Bara and Daniel Puicar now pastor a Romanian congregation in Birmingham called Emmaus Church. Since its founding in 2012, Emmaus has planted 9 Romanian congregation across England.

Buck Run financially supports this ministry each month and Chris and Scott spent several days with the leadership of Emmaus Church to determine the next step in our partnership. Emmaus is a growing fellowship full of new and spiritually young believers. Buck Run can play a part in helping these new believers grow. Beginning next year, Buck Run will send a team to Birmingham to help lead a conference with content from our Adult Discipleship curriculum. To make it possible for adults from the church to attend the conference, our team will also include childcare workers.

We’re excited for our continued partnership with RAM and Emmaus Church. At her core, Buck Run is a sending and a teaching church. This future mission trip will allow members of Buck Run to achieve these two passions. Dates and details for this trip are still months away, but beginning today, you can invest in this partnership by learning more about RAM, Emmaus Church, and their leaders.

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