Missions Monday: New Partners in South Asia Announced

In our worship service yesterday, it was announced that Buck Run is sending a new missionary couple to South Asia. Jake and Holly have sensed God’s call to move their family to South Asia later this year to give their lives to the advancement of the Kingdom in a very hard to reach place. Jake is a son of Buck Run. He has deep family roots at our church and his parents still attend Buck Run. Since graduating high school and moving from Frankfort, Jake has attended Western Kentucky and New Orleans Theological Seminary. He is currently on staff at Tri-Cities Baptist Church in Gray, TN.  

Jake and Holly will fly to South Asia tomorrow where they will spend two weeks in a country that is closed to the Gospel. During this vision trip, they will meet with two missionary teams as they prayerfully consider which team they will be joining when they move permanently this fall. As a sending church, Buck Run will have several responsibilities as we hold the rope for Jake and Holly. You will hear several ways in which you can be involved in this new ministry throughout the year, but for now will you commit to praying for Jake, Holly, and their two kids?

How can I pray?

  • Pray for safety in travel to and from their country and also throughout their two weeks as they will be meeting with missionaries in a country where it is illegal to tell others about Jesus.
  • Pray for helpful conversations with potential ministry partners. Pray that the decision of which missionary team to join will be made clear.
  • Pray for their kids as they begin to process what this move will look like in their lives.

How can I stay up to date with Jake and Holly?

  • Subscribe to their newsletter here to hear regular updates on their vision trip and in the months ahead as they prepare to move permanently to the mission field.