Missions Monday: Reach Your One with Celebrate Recovery

We as a church are focusing on sharing Jesus throughout 2019 and asking the question, “Who’s your one?” Hopefully, by now you have chosen at least one person to pray for, interact with, and witness to regularly. One way to begin introducing the Gospel into your conversations is by emphasizing our brokenness as fallen human beings. When you open yourself up to others about your sin and struggles, do not be surprised when they do the same. What will you do when your “one” admits he or she is struggling with a hurt, habit, or hang up of his or her own?

Celebrate Recovery could potentially be an avenue by which you reach your “one.” The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to encourage fellowship and to celebrate God’s healing power in one’s life as he or she works his or her way along the road to recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where masks are removed, problems are confessed, and healing is found as friends share experiences, strengths, and hopes for one another. Ultimately the goal is for one to accept God’s forgiveness and understand one’s power to overcome problems as being supplied through Christ and not in one’s self.

Celebrate Recovery can be an amazing tool to utilize in reaching your “one” because Buck Run hosts the program in a casual and familiar way. You can even offer to attend with a person you are trying to reach to introduce them to the program while helping them feel secure and reassured. There is a free meal and free childcare is offered as well to make it easier for everyone to attend.

We would do well to remember that many people in Frankfort feel like rejects of the church. We as a church want everyone to see that they are loved and cherished by Christ. Many of us have experienced the same hurts, but we have found our hope in Jesus. That is why we come alongside others and walk through life’s struggles with them. Celebrate Recovery has seen several people come to Christ and feel accepted in the local church. Would you pray for the “one” in your life and consider if Celebrate Recovery may be worth bringing up to him or her?

How can I pray for Celebrate Recovery?

  • Pray for the lost and hurting people in our communities–that they would hear about Celebrate Recovery and feel moved to attend.
  • Pray for those living in lifestyles of misery–that they would “come to themselves” (Luke 15:17).
  • Pray for the leaders and volunteers–that they would continue to have a heart of service and grow in faith as God’s hand moves in the lives of those involved in Celebrate Recovery.

When does Celebrate Recovery meet?

  • Tuesdays in Room 100. Fellowship meal is at 5:30pm and programming starts at 6:00pm.