Missions Monday: Reaching Frankfort

Ninety members of our church participated in the first Reach Frankfort event this past Saturday. Each member was placed into a group of  2-3 people and sent out to houses near the church with the purpose of sharing the gospel with people at their doorsteps. Our people visited 1,528 houses, talked with 530 different people, prayed for 124 people, and shared the Gospel with thirty-one people.

When Chandler Dawson began visiting houses, he was surprised by how receptive the people of Frankfort were not only to answer their doors but to share prayer requests and be prayed for. He prayed for a man who said he had never been visited before by a church in the area. There were numerous people in the community that stated the impact that Buck Run has had on them. Several of our members shared testimonies of God’s work after returning; whether it was a man coming out of his home to pray for us, or God using a disobedient dog in order to spark a Gospel conversation. Buck Run has been a beacon of light in this community for 200 years and this event is just one significant way that we are sharing that light, so that unbelievers may hear the Gospel and, by God’s grace, have their hearts of stone transformed into hearts of flesh.

Lord willing, we will be continuing our Reach Frankfort initiative in the Fall. We pray that the momentum gained from Reach Frankfort will spur our members to actively share the gospel in their everyday lives. All of the members that went out had different levels of comfort in sharing this important news, and each of returned filled with joy by the experience of going out to share their faith. This event is not solely for the benefit of the people that we visit but is also used by God to spur our faith and trust in Him. We want the Gospel to pour out of us in our actions and words. The more that we share the Gospel, the more confident we will become in our evangelism. Let’s continue to be a beacon of hope in this broken community and proclaim this Gospel to the city where God has placed our church.

How to Pray for Reach Frankfort

  • Pray that God will grow the seeds that have been sown this past weekend.
  • Pray for the 31 people who heard the Gospel to respond to it in faith, and that God would transform their hearts by the proclamation of his truth.
  • Pray to be a part of the next Reach Frankfort event and that God will spur our hearts toward evangelism in our everyday lives.