Pastor Letter: July 10, 2019

Dear Buck Run Family:

What a wonderful moment in our church life as we welcome Adrian and Angeline Mathenia to our church family. Adrian will be serving as our Worship Pastor, which means that he will be directing the praise and worship part of our service, working with choirs, praise team, and band to lead us into the presence of Jesus and to prepare our hearts to receive the Word of God. Adrian is not only gifted to sing and lead, but he is a great songwriter as well. He brings a tremendous set of technical skills that will be of great use in our broadcasting and recording, too.

When we ask someone to serve on our pastoral staff, we are very keenly aware that, even though the pastor’s wife is not an employee, she is a distinct and significant part of the team. I would not bring anyone to my pastoral staff unless I am convinced that his wife is an enthusiastic supporter of his ministry and will be a great fit with the other pastors and wives. Angeline is precisely that kind of energetic and joyful team member. 

Beloved brothers and sisters, I hope you realize the gracious thing that God has done in providing such a gifted and hardworking team of pastors, staff, and spouses. From our pastoral staff to our financial and support staff, these wonderful folks fit together well and enjoy serving together. We don’t have petty or personal arguments. We get along and enjoy the work the Lord has given us. What a special gift from God! That is why I have been so careful and painstaking in choosing a worship pastor. I would not bring anyone here until I knew that the other pastors were supportive, the personnel team was convinced, and our musicians could trust his leadership. After numerous meetings, candid conversations, and several rehearsals with and leadership of our praise team and band, it became obvious to us all that God had provided the couple we need. I might even add that, though Adrian is already very, very good at what he does, I also know that he will continue to grow and that we will grow with him. I am certainly excited about the future.

I could not look to the future, however, without also taking a moment to thank those who have helped us get where we are. I remain grateful to Adam Bishop for his leadership during his time with us and will never forget how God used him, but I especially want to thank Alicia Lyles and John Bennett for their selfless and tireless work among us during the interim. They asked for nothing in return, but both of them took on what amounted to another job with Alicia leading the choir in rehearsals and performances and John leading our weekly worship. They did this with excellence, with joy, with great patience, and they reflected the Christlike spirit that we want to be emblematic of Buck Run. Sunday, we honored them each with some gifts and our gratitude, but I don’t ever want us to forget the way they have cared for us and served our Savior. I love them each like a sister and brother respectively—which they really are—and I will always be in their debt.

Speaking of serving, let’s remember to pray for our mission team in Romania. Pray that the Lord will open doors of opportunity for gospel conversations and for salvation in the lives of the Romanians to whom they minister. Our historic presence in Romania continues to bear eternal fruit, but let’s not take that for granted. Lift them to the Lord and pray that God will protect them and use them mightily.

Finally, I simply must express my constant sense of gratitude and love for you, my precious friends. Your love of Jesus and your love of this pastor astounds me daily. I consider myself the most fortunate pastor on earth! I may be spoiled, but I am not ungrateful! Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom and for this unworthy servant of the King.

In Him,

Bro. Hershael