Pastor Letter: August 14, 2019

Dear Buck Run Family:

I am amazed by your desire to obey Christ and love others, regardless of the cost. You are such a hospitable, servant-minded, and loving church, who shows a willingness to go to great lengths to see God glorified in your life and the lives of other people.

As you know, our church is focusing on evangelism this year, specifically reaching one person whom the Lord has placed in your life. One of the ways we equip and engage in the evangelistic task is through our Reach Frankfort initiative. As a church, we’re partnering together to take the gospel to every house within a 3-mile radius of the church. Our first Reach Frankfort event was held on April 13, 2019, and we saw the Lord do incredible work in our people and community. What a joy it was to see our people return to the church with increased excitement and faith in the Lord!

Remember, God has providentially placed Buck Run Baptist Church on Leestown Road, around specific neighborhoods, for his name to be magnified in and through us. Therefore, we as the church, have the opportunity to introduce people to the God that we worship and the community that we love. I would ask that you anticipate having one conversation with a neighbor, with whom you can engage in prayer and a gospel conversation. The goal of Reach Frankfort is not to just merely hand out a bunch of information and call it a day; the goal is to Reach Frankfort with the gospel, targeting specific houses in the hope that we will be able to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them at their front door.

I realize that many of you are busy as the fall approaches but let me invite you to participate in Reach Frankfort event THIS SATURDAY from 9AM-12PM. If you have not yet registered, you can do so here. Also, I would ask that you pray specifically for the event in these specific ways:

  1. Pray for our people to have a burden for the lost in our community.
  2. Pray for the Lord to physically and spiritually open the doors of the houses that will be visited on Saturday.
  3. Pray for the Lord to grant us boldness and wisdom in sharing the gospel with unbelievers.
  4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open the minds and hearts of the unbelievers to understand and be open to the gospel.
  5. Pray for the Lord to bring about much fruit in the lives of people as a result of Reach Frankfort.


I hope to see you on Saturday!

In Christ,

Matt Morvay